Attention All Correctional Facilities, Jails, Prisons & Other Government Agencies:

We offer all Government Agencies the ability to order via Purchase Order and Credit Card. Volume discounts are available on many of our products, please call us at 877-203-5852 to enquire more about our volume discount program. Below are more details about our most popular products:

The Whole House FM Transmitter is a TV FM Transmitter used to broadcast a Television’s audio source via FM signal and eliminate the need to play it through speakers. Those watching the television who want to hear the audio then use an FM Radio to tune in the TV’s FM signal.  This is very popular in correctional facilities, exercise rooms and other places where TV audio would be too loud or intrusive to play via speakers. Here are few of the many reasons government agencies and institutions prefer our FM Transmitter over others brands:

  • The broadcast distance is much better than other FM Transmitters which provides for a strong, clear audio signal
  • The antenna can’t be turned into a weapon like other transmitters can, especially useful for correctional facilities
  • The power switch is mechanical which means if power is lost it will automatically turn back on once power is restored
  • The case is a strong and durable design to help keep it protected

The Source FM Radio is a mini, pocked sized FM radio that can be used in conjunction with our TV FM Transmitter to hear the television’s audio being broadcast. Here a few of the many reasons government agencies and institutions prefer our FM Radio over others (These features are especially important for correctional facilities)

  • The small size prevents anything from being hidden inside it
  • The included headphones also doubles as the antenna so nothing can be turned into a weapon
  • It runs on only two (2) CR2032 button cell batteries so an inmate can’t use them to start a fire
  • The radio can be locked so only the 4 presets, volume and power button will operate

In addition we also have other radios that are clear for security reasons to prevent any contraband being hidden inside.

We also offer Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) to convert digital audio such as Dolby 5.1 Stereo and DTS 5.1 Stereo for Televisions and other audio sources that may not have analog audio-out ports.

Company Information:

  • DUNS Number: 790732122
  • CAGE Code: 6Z6H4
  • W9 provided upon request