($300 total of 12 months) – $1,500+ value

  • Pay for an additional 6 Months of Platinum up front and first 6 months of Platinum is FREE!
  • Client can upgrade at time of 3D Printer purchase from the
  • Gold plan for the difference in pricing (ie. $100) for the initial term period only.
  • Client brings printer to Q3D’s locaton as stated in Agreement
  • Total of up to 15 labor hours per each 6 month plan term, unused hours rollover for up to 2 additional term periods.
  • Client covers cost of parts not under a Q3D warranty
  • $25 deductble per repair tcket per 3D Printer
  • Covers one (1) 3D printer purchased directly from Q3D
  • A permanent, non-removable service stcker is placed onto each 3D Printer that is covered in Agreement
  • 20{1dfa370b3c89190438503db61abb35cc8769b2bcf42075d15b49bc265ed12717} of regular price of flament with membership card