• The Broadcast Distance – broadcasts 150 ft. radius, guaranteed
  • Digital Screen Display – large, easy to read LCD screen display
  • Covers Full FM Band – 88.0 – 108.0 (even & odd frequencies)
  • Microphone Port – broadcast your voice life to any FM Radio
  • FCC Part 15 Compliant – FCC ID: XOAWH-FMT & IC: 8728A-WHFMT
  • Easy Plug & Play – Takes about 5 minutes to setup
  • Power it 4 Different Ways – 110/220V AC Wall Outlet, 12/25V DC Car Adapter, USB and 3 AA Batteries




The Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 is capable of broadcasting audio sources 150 feet to any FM radio within its transmission radius. Engineered and redesigned from customer feedback, it utilizes such things as an intuitive user interface and SMA removable antenna to set it apart from competitors in the same class.

Superior Broadcast Distance

The Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 broadcasts a static free signal 150 feet in any direction. Compatible with most audio sources like TVs, Stereo Systems, iPods, iPhones, MP3 players and computers. You will love the ability to broadcast your favorite music and audio sources to any FM radio. It also integrates seamlessly with home and car stereos.

Compact and Ergonomically Durable Outer Shell

The WHT 3.0 is about the same size of a deck of playing cards and fits in the palm of your hand, pocket or the desktop stand.

The shell is cast from a strong plastic polymer to help safeguard against accidental drops, and is held together by four screw fasteners protecting sensitive components.

Removable SMA Swivel Antenna

Removable 6.5” SMA helical antenna features a conducting wire wound tightly in the shape of helix, increasing efficiency without increasing your antenna size. The helical antenna will broadcast a clear signal up to 150 feet.

Intuitive User Interface

Simplified controls and larger screen (1.47 x 1.34 x 1.10″ – 81% larger) make it easy to use and read. The blue back-lit screen makes selecting an FM frequency more visible in low-light conditions.

Mechanical Power On/Off Switch

Mechanical power switch stays on even when you suffer a power outage. The transmitter will turn on and return to the set frequency when power comes back on. Plus, it won’t drain the batteries like an electrical switch when powered off.

Stereo/Mono Selection

Choose between which mode you want to broadcast your audio. Listen to your music and other audio in true stereo format with the right and left channels. While mono broadcasts the audio signal further when needed.

Separate Line In and Microphone Volume Control

The line in volume and the microphone have separate volume controls. Turn up the volume on the mic while reducing the volume of the audio with a press of a button. Great for fitness instructors and karaoke.

3 Pre-set Frequency Buttons

Just tune the FM Transmitter to a frequency, hold the button in for three seconds and the WHT 3.0 instantly stores your favorite frequencies. Perfect for in-car use!

Redesigned Mute Button

We placed the mute button on the face of the 3.0 for easier use. The previous versions caused some confusion and this innovation was a direct result of valued customer feedback.

Multiple Powering Options

Use the Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 at any location or anywhere you need it to broadcast your favorite audio sources. Power it with 3 “AA” batteries, 12/24V car utility adapter, USB power cable and 110/220 V wall adapter.

Removable Belt Clip Included

Clip onto your belt or pocket for better mobility, now you can move around with your transmitter and take anywhere. This is perfect for outdoor fitness instructors and tour guides who integrate the WHT 3.0 in their daily professions.

Broadcast Any Source

Included at no charge are the RCA stereo adapter, 3.5mm stereo audio adapter and stereo audio “Y” cable. Each of these adapters allows you to play any audio source with the new WHT 3.0. These included additions give it versatility and flexibility you’ll enjoy.

Full FM Frequency Range

The WHT 3.0 utilizes the entire FM frequency. It doesn’t matter if you are in a Brooklyn apartment or tucked behind a mountain in Washington. You are sure to find a frequency to broadcast your favorite audio source. 

Transmits Using PLL Technology

To give you the best transmission signal possible we insisted that our FM Transmitter use PLL (or Phase Lock Loop) technology so you won’t have to worry about the transmission drifting like on AM transmitters… or for that matter some other FM Transmitters out there on the market. 

US/EU Pre-emphasis

FM radio is a noisy medium. The noise has triangular distribution, meaning the noise is louder at higher frequencies. Without pre-emphasis, the high frequencies get buried in noise.

Pre-emphasis lifts high frequencies above the noise floor levels, enabling you to hear a clearer transmission signal.

That’s why we now offer you the ability to match the pre-emphasis with your region’s FM Radios.

Engineered to work any audio source, the Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 has limitless uses and broadcasts a clean and clear FM signal 150 feet in any direction.

Use it hundreds of ways and enjoy hours of your favorite audio sources.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 1.5 in