<li>2 Free Extras with Every Order</li>
<li>Broadcasts audio 150 feet in any direction</li>
<li>Unparalleled power options (Wall, Car, USB, Battery)</li>
<li>Small. Compact. Portable.</li>
<li>Ease to see back lit digital screen</li>
<li>Six free accessories ($60 Value)</li>
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<strong>For a limited time we are giving away 2 FREE extras with every order: Lavalier Microphone and a Desktop Stand ($20 Value).</strong>

The Whole House FM Transmitter 3.0 is capable of broadcasting audio sources 150 feet to any FM radio within its transmission radius. Engineered and redesigned from customer feedback, the new improvements, like intuitive user interface and SMA removable antenna set it apart from competitors in the same class.
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