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Bondtech LGX Lite Extruder

Bondtech LGX Lite Extruder

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Details: The Bondtech LGX Lite is a filament feeder based on the LGX Large Gears eXtruder and uses Bondtech’s new Dual Drive Technology based on larger drive gears. Each LGX Lite extruder is supplied with: 1x LGX Lite feeder; 1x 2mm Hex Key (recommended tool); 1x Powered By Bondtech sticker. Also shipping with additional accessories: 1x Push-fit collar 1x 30mm PTFE tube to use in the PTFE Tube Adapter. 8x M3 square nuts for reinforcing mounting holes. 8 features of this Bondtech eXtruder: Larger drive wheels, for increased filament grip; Filament pre-tension lever, for repeated results; Drive wheels’ maintenance windows, for easy cleaning; Compact, light & centered filament path, for increased performance and compatibility; Multiple mounting hole patterns, for easy and flexible setup; Compatible with Nema14 round stepper motors; Craft boxes without bleaching & no coating. Nylon housing with no dyeing or other chemical post processing. 3D Printed Housing using PA12 The housing parts are professionally printed with polyamide 12 for maximum strength, precision and higher temperature resistance. To lower our ecological impact we are reducing our use of chemical dyes. This part is supplied with a wax protective coating to lower sensitivity to moisture and grease, while remaining fully functional.

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