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Brass V6 Nozzle - 1.75mm Undrilled (V6-NOZZLE-175-000)

Brass V6 Nozzle - 1.75mm Undrilled (V6-NOZZLE-175-000)

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  • Genuine E3D Parts
  • 1.75mm x undrilled
  • These nozzles are fully integrated into the E3D Ecosystem and will fit V6, Lite6, and Titan Aero HotEnds, and are compatible with Prusa 3D printers.

Details: 0.15mm Experimental High-Resolution Nozzle This 0.15mm nozzle allows you to print some really, seriously, very, extremely tiny parts with with a level of fine detail that will blow you away. We wrote a whole blog post about it! For complete requirements and specifications check our blog and documentation pages. WARNING: This precision nozzle for 3D printing has been engineered by E3D to be as user-friendly as possible, but nonetheless has some very specific requirements! For use with high-flow filaments like MG94-ABS, PC-ABS, PMMA, or an ASA like MatX Always use clean, high-quality filament Requires the use of a geared extruder (e.g. Titan), silicone sock and part-cooling fan Keep clean and dust-free to avoid blockage Slicer Settings: Nozzle Size: 0.15mm (obviously!) Layer Height: We recommend somewhere in the region of 0.08mm. This proved to be the sweet-spot for us. Print Speeds: Make sure to turn your speeds and acceleration down. This is all about precision, and precision takes time. We ran our printers at 18mm.s-1, with outline and infill under-speeds at 75-80%. The overhangs were left at the default 45°, and the minimum infill length at 5 mm. Retraction: Stringing can be almost entirely tuned away in your retraction settings, however poor tuning can make things much worse due to the higher extrusion forces and pressures. We were using 1mm at 30mm/s. Undrilled Nozzles For the brave, and the adventurous. Undrilled nozzles allow users to experiment with boring their own holes, creating diameters that aren't yet commercially available.

Model: V6-NOZZLE-175-000

Item Condition: New

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