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E3D Lite6 Full Kit - 1.75mm Universal (with Bowden add-on) (12v)

E3D Lite6 Full Kit - 1.75mm Universal (with Bowden add-on) (12v)

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  • E3D Lite 6 hotend 0.4mm nozzle for 1.75mm filament (with Bowden add-on) (12V).
  • “Mostly Metal” design with PTFE liner for exceptional reliability and servability.
  • Use up to 240C for standard materials, such as ABS and PLA.
  • Original E3D package. Assembly instruction available on E3D website.
  • Fast free shipping from 3DMakerWorld (Continental US)

Details: E3D Lite6 Full Kit - 1.75mm Universal (Direct) (12v). The package contains the following parts: Metal parts 1 x Stainless Heatsink (Contains brass embedded bowden coupling ring pre-fitted in top) 1 x Aluminium Heater Block 1 x Brass Nozzle (0.4mm) Electronics 1 x 100K Semitec NTC thermistor 1 x 12v Heater Cartridge 1 x 12v 30x30x10mm fan 1 x High Temperature Fiberglass Wire - for Thermistor (150mm) 2 x 0.75mm Ferrules - for Solder-Free Wire Joins Fixings 4 x Plastfast30 3.0 x 16 screws to attach the fan to the fan duct 1 x M3x3 socket dome screw and M3 washer to clamp thermistor 1 x M3x10 socket dome screw to clamp the heater block around the heater cartridge 1 x Fan Duct (Injection Moulded Red Transparent Polycarbonate) 1 x Small Black Plastic Collet (For securing PTFE tubing into embedded bowden coupling installed in heatsink) Bowden add-on 800mm of appropriately sized PTFE tubing. 1 x Screw in Coupler for extruder end of tubing. Please check the manufacturer's website for assembly instructions and detailed technical information.

Model: E3DLite6-1.75-12V-Bowden

Item Condition: New

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