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E3D-Online V6 Lite 24V - Bowden

E3D-Online V6 Lite 24V - Bowden

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  • Genuine E3D Parts
  • Exceptional Value A low price-point for easy printing, with E3D's high-quality engineering and manufacturing.
  • Everyday Filaments, Easily Print ABS, PLA and other moderate-temperature filaments reliably, every time.
  • Upgradable Upgrade your Lite6 with a Volcano or V6 kit and get even more out of your HotEnd!
  • Modular Ecosystem Switch up your Lite6 with E3D's huge range of blocks, nozzles, socks and more!!

Details: The Low-Cost HotEnd for Everyone! Not everybody needs the all-metal high-temperature performance of an E3D-v6. We’ve come to realize that there exists a need for a hotend that is reliable, and puts out great prints, but meets the budget of those who are just getting started in 3D printing. Lite6 is our answer to that need. By adopting a PTFE-lined “mostly metal” design, we’re able to meet what we think is a really awesome price point for a full kit including electronics. 01. Great for Everyday Materials Lite6 is aimed at the more standard materials, such as ABS and PLA, and it really does produce beautiful looking prints with outstanding reliability. The full-length PTFE liner also means you get great performance with flexible materials like FleXD. If you do need to get more speed from your machine then you can of course upgrade to either Volcano or v6 with ease. 02. Reliable The metal body of Lite6 makes it incredibly robust and tolerant of accidents that new users inevitably encounter. If you accidentally crash your Lite6 into a print there is effectively zero chance of it breaking. Lite6 is also very tolerant of overheating accidents. Although the PTFE liner may be damaged by the heat, there is no PEEK insulator to melt into a nasty puddle of molten polymer. The stainless-steel parts are incredibly thermally robust and essentially impossible to damage with the supplied heater. This means that in the event of cooking your PTFE liner you can quickly and easily swap it out for a new one and return your Lite6 to full functionality. We’ve also re-used as many parts from V6 and the rest of the E3D Ecosystem as possible. The beautiful polycarbonate fan duct, the proven 30mm ball-bearing cooling fan. Most importantly we’re using the same highly optimized nozzles and heater blocks.

UPC: 007025854830

EAN: 0007025854830

Model: LITE6-175-FULL-24V-BOWDEN

Item Condition: New

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