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Genuine E3D Hemera 1.75mm 12V Bowden Kit

Genuine E3D Hemera 1.75mm 12V Bowden Kit

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Color: Black


  • Dual-Drive Compact
  • Integrated System Filament
  • Constraint Like No Other
  • Mounting
  • A Never-Before-Seen Heatsink

Details: E3D Hemera, formerly known as E3D Hermes, is a powerful next-generation extruder. Featuring dual-drive gears, autoloading compatibility, and fantastic grip, this is a reliable extrusion system that minimizes slipping and grinding. Compatible with 1.75mm filament only Dual-Drive: For E3D Hemera, we opted for a hardened stainless-steel dual-drive arrangement which provides a huge boost in grip over single drive systems, in fact, we’re able to push filament with up to 10kg of force. The secondary gear shaft is on a movable, sprung idler which allows the user to adjust filament tension. Compact, Integrated System: Hemera is a system of components designed to work seamlessly together as a single compact product. It has a custom motor which is based on a NEMA17, along with our own faceplate designs which has allowed us to add our own features for user convenience, such as mounting slots as well as produce a very compact system. Filament Constraint Like No Other: Hemera constrains filament like no other extrusion system, fact. You won’t experience the full extent of its unrivaled filament constraint until you print ultra-flexible materials. This exceptional filament constraint also has a significant impact on printing rigid, and semi-rigid materials such as PLA or Nylon. Mounting: Hemera features convenient T-Slots for easy mounting to your printer, plus space for other accessories, part cooling fans and bed leveling probes to name a couple. User-centered Design: All interaction with Hemera is from the top. To set filament tension the user simply twists a thumbscrew and a cam slider mechanism with a captive nut compresses a spring and loads the idler. Filament tension is increased by rotating clockwise and decreased by rotating counterclockwise. Simple.

Model: HEMERA-175-B

Item Condition: New

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