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Genuine E3D Titan Aqua Standard 3mm 12V (TITAN-AQUA-ST-300-12V)

Genuine E3D Titan Aqua Standard 3mm 12V (TITAN-AQUA-ST-300-12V)

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Details: Watercooled Power and Performance Titan Aqua is the first integrated, water-cooled HotEnd and extruder. Created by E3D to make professional 3D printing easier to achieve, for everyone. 01. Water Cooling Titan Aqua stays cool when the ambient temperature is high. It offers outstanding thermal performance, as both the heatsink and motor are water-cooled. Aqua is designed for use in warm and heated chambers, making it easy to print with every kind of high-strength plastic. The whole system is highly efficient and very quiet. 02. E3D Ecosystem Compatible Titan Aqua is built on the E3D V6 all metal design, allowing you to reliably 3D print any thermoplastic at temperatures of more than 300°C. Like its cousin the Titan Aero, Titan Aqua makes use of a V6 heat break. This means the entire hot side is identical to a V6, and can be upgraded with E3D's full range of high-temperature parts. 03. Titan Pedigree Titan Aqua retains all the features of a Titan extruder, including the idler mechanism, easy filament change, sharp-toothed custom-machined hobb, and precision 3:1 gearing ratio. With thousands of in-house hours' experience printing with Titan, we have honed the design for peak performance. 04. Easy to Use, Maximum Performance Water-cooled performance has never been so simple or so effective. Its compact design maximizes filament constraint and sharp thermal transition, both crucial for printing precision. Aqua can be assembled independently and then mounted inside your printer as a single unit.

UPC: 814358018460

EAN: 0814358018460

Model: TITAN-AQUA-ST-300-12V

Item Condition: New

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