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Genuine E3D Volcano Block for Sensor Cartridges (Volcano-Block-Cartridge-ALU)

Genuine E3D Volcano Block for Sensor Cartridges (Volcano-Block-Cartridge-ALU)

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Details: This genuine and high quality E3D component is a volcano block. This block replaces the standard V6 Block in order to use the larger Volcano nozzles which can produce high output flows of filament in larger nozzle sizes. Nozzles can be purchased separately in sizes ranging from .40mm to 1.20mm. This block is manufactured by E3D to the highest standards. A small Fixings kit is included with this purchase in order to mount your current Thermistor Cartridge and Heater Cartridge. Thanks to the design of this block and the longer nozzles, the filament has a longer amount of time to melt in order for it to properly be extruded out of the wider nozzles. Avoid the clones and get the highest quality genuine parts for the highest quality prints. Please note, this block requires the use of Specialty Volcano nozzles which are about twice as long as the normal V6 Nozzles. This block however can be used with the standard genuine E3D Heatbreak, Heatsink, Heater Cartridge, and Thermistor Cartridge that came with your Genuine standard E3D V6. This Volcano block is the Thermistor Cartridge type.

EAN: 7426845638131


Item Condition: New

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