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HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC Pro

HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC Pro

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  • Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi, no additional cables or additional power supply needed
  • Gold plated RCA output connectors
  • Comes with all components required to mount it. We include 4 M2.5x12mm spacers to fix the board onto the Raspberry Pi
  • Audio input might require Linux kernel update (at least version 4.19.60)
  • Hardware volume control for DAC and ADC. You can control the input and output parameters using “alsamixer” or any application that supports ALSA mixer controls.

Details: The DAC+ ADC Pro model incorporates all the benefits of our original ADC model, but includes these additional new features: Dual-domain clock design that provides a master clock independent from the Raspberry Pi Fully configurable analogue front-end that allow a wide variety of input levels (from mic level to full 2Vrms) – no more jumpers, you can do the configuration in software using alsamixer Microphone bias voltage allows to use electret microphones (needs to be enabled with jumpers) Higher input bandwidth as we removed the anti-aliasing filter in the input path This new board is designed to support additional use cases such as Karaoke machines, or as a target for input from other sources such as a dynamic microphone, Alexa, MP3 players, smartphones, synthesizers, or any other analog source that can be connected via the 1/8” stereo micro jack. In addition, it enables the use of more affordable electret microphones and supports higher bitrate input. Features: Stereo analog input Stereo digital input and output (input up to 96kHz, output up to 192kHz) 300 MHz Digital Signal Process (can run up to 6144 instructions per sample)

EAN: 4260439550620

Model: DAC+ ADC Pro

Item Condition: New

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