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Pololu RC Switch with Small Low-Side MOSFET (Item: 2802)

Pololu RC Switch with Small Low-Side MOSFET (Item: 2802)

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  • A 12-pin straight breakaway male header is included with this switch. The header pins can be used to connect the RC switch to perfboards or breadboards.
  • Supply Voltage: 2.5-5.5 VDC / Max Output Current: 3A
  • Dimensions: 0.4” x 0.6”
  • Outputs and indicator LED The RC switch provides feedback about what state it is in via a yellow indicator LED. Status information is also provided on two output pins: - The GOOD pin indicates the presence of a valid RC signal (10-330 Hz pulse rate, 0.5-2.5 ms pulse width). - The OUT pin indicates whether the MOSFET is on.

Details: The RC switch with Small Low-Side MOSFET can be used with standard hobby radio control systems for radio control switch applications or simple interface applications. Example uses include converting extra RC receiver or servo controller outputs to simple high/low signals that can control LEDs or relays and connecting RC systems to microcontroller projects that do not have the necessary resources for decoding the RC interface. Two outputs indicate the presence of a valid signal and whether the switch is on or off, and an integrated low-side MOSFET turns on when the switch is on, allowing the board to drive small loads directly. The switch also features a flyback (or freewheeling) diode across the load outputs so that you can connect a coil to them, such as a motor or relay, without any additional external components. The board requires a 2.5-5.5V power source supplied to VCC. The board’s MOSFET can deliver up to around 3A with VCC at 5V and can handle load supply voltages up to 30V. The RC switch measures the width of incoming RC pulses and compares it to a user-configurable threshold (with ±64µs of hysteresis) to decide whether to turn on the MOSFET. By default, the threshold is approximately 1700µs, with switch activation occurring above the threshold (longer pulses), but the switch has a learning mode that allows you to change the threshold and the activation direction. A safe-start feature reduces the likelihood of unexpected activation.

UPC: 814358019764

EAN: 0814358019764

Model: 605088

Binding: Toy

Item Condition: New

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