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SuperVolcano Upgrade Kit - Eruption Pack (1.75mm,12V) (SUPER-ERUPTION-12V-175)

SuperVolcano Upgrade Kit - Eruption Pack (1.75mm,12V) (SUPER-ERUPTION-12V-175)

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  • Genuine E3D Parts
  • The SuperVolcano boasts upto 11x the volumetric throughput of the market leading V6!
  • The SuperVolcano can reach 285°C natively, and by swapping your thermistor for a thermocouple or PT100 you'll be able to exceed 400°C. Print anything from PLA to PEEK.
  • This SuperVolcano upgrade kit is fully compatible with the E3D HotEnd range. Attach with ease to your V6, Titan Aero, Titan Aqua, Chimera+, or if you're feeling brave, the Kraken!
  • If extra redundancy/monitoring of your HotEnd performance is what you’re after, then feel free to add another thermistor into the equation (not that its required!).

Details: Eruption Pack 1 x Plated Copper SuperVolcano Heater Block 1 x Thermistor 1 x Thermistor Extension Cable 1 x Silicone Glass Fibre Sleeving 1 x 80W Heater Cartridge 1 x Brass 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm and 1.4mm Nozzle 1 x Thermal Paste 4 x M3 Grub Screws 1 x Hex Key If 12V: 1 x Mosfet Board 1 x Mosfet Wires


Item Condition: New

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